A tribute to Michael Jackson…and Those people!

Adieu Michael Jackson and….Those people!

Death is always a sad affair. This one resonates more because it is that of a household name, one that has come to be known and loved the world over for all his endeavours.

Many of us grew up listening to MJ and cast our mind back to the days like when LWT [Lagos Weekend Television] would air MJ musical videos repeatedly to our delight.

This is when we put our differences aside and pay tribute to a real legend in his own right.

This is also when we give recognition to those people in our communities who die every day as a result , directly or indirectly, of their circumstances, in particular abject poverty. Those people receive minimal recognition for their painstaking endurance and agony in their lifetime. Those people are always on my mind, more so now.

Those people are my heroes.

This is a tribute to all those people who, but for their respective circumstances, may very well be alive today.

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Published by: villagerx

VillagerX, one of your average everyday people. A Management Consultant ; Resident in the United Kingdom, he has worked primarily in the private sector specializing in business development, business information systems, loss prevention and commercial investigation consultancy from 1988 - 1992; Diversifying into mainstream business development and management consulting from 1993 to date. VillagerX is currently engaged in several programs that leverage business development to foster sustainable socio-economic development in emerging economies.

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5 thoughts on “A tribute to Michael Jackson…and Those people!”

  1. I know that everyone has to face death one day but it will be so soon for Michael i never thought. Its really a shocking news for all. I still can’t believe that he is no more. He was my favorite pop star. I always miss him.

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