The Mask

I am in a place that is so unique.

Almost everywhere, there is a mask that is worn on a lot of people’s faces. I have come to recognize and, sometimes, love these people that wear these masks so nobly. These masks share some unique features and characteristics and it is these that makes this place distinguishable from most other places.

As if the mask does not conceal enough of what is really behind it, the uncertainty about what lies behind the mask is further shrouded in distrust between the wearers of the masks.

This place is full of people that hail from several hundreds of tribes, that speak hundreds of languages and dialects. In the most, co-existing with one another is just the norm.

This place was once a shimmer and, in some many other ways, still is. But for lack of effort, the shimmer fades and few care to reach out and bring it back. Rather, there is a tendency to recreate the shimmer and allow the old shimmer fade. However, the mask shrouds the faded shimmer and offers its very own shimmer.

This place is almost lawless and, for the average person or faint-hearted, it can be very uncaring.

If you want an experience of a lifetime, you should come to this place.

This place is where almost everyone has a smile that conjures out of nowhere. You are no longer an outsider when you come here because you either have your own mask or you get one while you are here. It is the one you get while you are here that helps you belong and survive the place.

Get a one while you are here and you will almost certainly come back.

Be prepared once you get your mask, another mask wearer will offer you a thin veil. You may accept it. The veil is what obscures the mask further and breeds the distrust of other mask wearers. Ironically, it is for this reason only that the other mask wearer offered you the thin veil. It is from that moment you start to truly belong.

Somehow, I am in love with this place even if it can be uncaring to me and distrusts me. After all, I am an average person with a mask. I have survived Nigeria and so will you.


Published by: villagerx

VillagerX, one of your average everyday people. A Management Consultant ; Resident in the United Kingdom, he has worked primarily in the private sector specializing in business development, business information systems, loss prevention and commercial investigation consultancy from 1988 - 1992; Diversifying into mainstream business development and management consulting from 1993 to date. VillagerX is currently engaged in several programs that leverage business development to foster sustainable socio-economic development in emerging economies.

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6 thoughts on “The Mask”

  1. Hi Bro, i went thru your article several times and, there is nothing that is not true. You wrote with wisdom as experience is the best teacher. We will keep our mask shining and, will not relent in our effort to revive and sustain the shimmer, be it old or new, we shall succeed as we do not seat waiting for what this unique place will do for us but on the contrary we’ve been giving to it.

    1. We can’t but try to maintain the shimmer in us all…..the uniqueness this place has offers us all opportunities that only come with excessive hard work

  2. Congratulations for your idea of post. We will definitely keep our mask shining and, will not relent in our effort to revive and sustain the shimmer. Nothing much to say. keep posting!!!

  3. The mask is what enable us to go through life, its changes, a new environment.
    It does protect ourselves from others.
    It is like putting on make up and removing it at the end of the day.
    Sounds like you found your bride.

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