The Heathen…

Those who harbor religious tendencies are some of the world’s most hypocritical people.

It is all too fine to preach the Quoran, the Bible, the Torah etc, go to the synagogue on Saturday, Mosque on Friday and Church on Sunday. No sooner have people finished worshiping, they jump right back into sin. I dare you to stand in the way of a driver immediately after they have worshiped, you very well may not live to tell the story.

Why bother go through the whole exercise of ‘holier than thou’ on specific days/times and then go straight back to fornication, drunkenness, prostitution, abject wickedness, hating thy neighbour, theft, corruption, embezzlement, drug peddling, and the other social vices. Alas, its worship time again, I best go ask for forgiveness so I can start my tally of sins afresh.

Why not be a freaking heathen, which is what most folks are, most especially when the acts of these people are reminiscent of heathens.

To seek perfection in the eye of your God is an almost impossible task, but to set out on a lifelong journey of double standards before your God is a mockery of the religion you observe.

Shame on the pseudo heathen.

Be true to yourself and see what truth brings you, I wager you that you will shock yourself to death.


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VillagerX, one of your average everyday people. A Management Consultant ; Resident in the United Kingdom, he has worked primarily in the private sector specializing in business development, business information systems, loss prevention and commercial investigation consultancy from 1988 - 1992; Diversifying into mainstream business development and management consulting from 1993 to date. VillagerX is currently engaged in several programs that leverage business development to foster sustainable socio-economic development in emerging economies.

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4 thoughts on “The Heathen…”

  1. You are absolutely right. Humanity is hypocritical in many ways, and none more evident than in those who seek perfecton. Whether through religion, or knowledge, or by any other means, perfection eludes mankind because we are fallible — made so by our sin nature. Speaking on behalf of my faith, the often misunderstood purpose of following Christ (this is even missed by most Chrsitians) is not to present ourselves to the world as perfect, we aren’t, but to be transparent in our imperfection so that Christ’s perfection can be made visible. We can only do this by allowing ourselves to become true worshipers of the one and only true God. Thank you for posting. 🙂

    1. Hmmmm wisely observed and written. It’s a routine practice in this our beloved world. No one asked for perfection but to diligently observe and respect the religion they professed. Perfection of saints comes when they follow their believe with full consentration. All the best!!!!

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